Sponsor Spotlight: MTE!

Since Tacofest’s very first fiesta eight years ago, MTE (More than Engineering) has been beside us in supporting Community Support Connections. It’s one of the many ways they more than live up to their name!

A trusted engineering consulting firm that that’s been serving Southwestern Ontario for 35 years, MTE not only excels in their sector, they are a positive, charitable force in our community and consistently support local charities and social groups as part of their mission, including Tacofest and delivering Meals on Wheels with Community Support Connections’ Adopt-A-Route program.

“Delivering Meals on Wheels is a really easy way for me to give back to the community. We have a group here at MTE who does it. … We share the load, so it makes it really easy and fun because we get to go out with our co-workers and spend some time together outside work.” — Laurie, MTE Employee

This year, to celebrate 35 years in operation, MTE is engaging the community by participating in 35 “green deeds,” partnering with other agencies in reducing the environmental impact of the area. In this spirit, we welcome MTE as this year’s Green Sponsor for Tacofest! Check out MTE’s community page and see what all else they are up to!

Sponsor Spotlight: Amintro!

In honour of their second anniversary of operations, Amintro is forging a partnership with Community Support Connections — and has pledged their support as a Gold Sponsor for Tacofest!

Amintro, whose Canadian operations are based out of Toronto, is a unique social platform and information hub exclusive for persons 50+. The network’s focus on improving social circles for older adults carries the goal of reducing social isolation and connecting older adults with the resources they need to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. With selfsame goals, Community Support Connections is a natural fit for a mutually beneficial partnership!

Through this partnership, Amintro is focusing their efforts on promoting awareness of Community Support Connections’ Meals on Wheels program, a timely effort in light of the increasing difficulty for those aged 50+ to navigate food security concerns. And beyond good food, good beer, and good times, that is what Tacofest is all about, too! We are incredibly excited to welcome Amintro to the team, and for their support in helping local seniors and adults with disabilities live with independence and dignity. This week, we hope you’ll join the cause, too, whether by donating through purchasing some terrific tacos, or supporting Community Support Connections directly.

Something To ‘Taco-bout’!

Hey Tacofesters! We know you’re as disappointed as we are that we are unable to have our traditional Tacofest festivities as scheduled Friday June 12th, but guess who else was sad about it? Our vendors! So many of them have worked with us over the last few weeks to try and put together a number of different options to help use raise funds for our clients, while supporting these awesome local businesses at the same time. (No offense everyone, but special shout out to Nick at Taco Farm for taking a million of our calls to spitball.) 

At the end of the day, with restrictions on charitable events for the time being, a few of our friends are putting out some Tacofest specials of their own with a portion of their proceeds going to support local seniors served by Community Support Connections 

This means you can order some takeout, grab some brews or ciders from one of our local establishments, and have your own Tacofest at home the weekend of June 12 and 13th. We have vendors below who are donating a portion of their sales to support local seniors, but please feel free to choose any of our past supporters – you can always make a donation online to invest in our local Meals on Wheels program. 

Pay special attention as we highlight our friends this week on our social media channels with brewery tours, restaurant features, and other fun stuff. 

This pandemic and recent events have shown us how strong this community is, and what we can accomplish together. 

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Here’s to tacos, craft beer, and good times. 


Get your Tacofest specials in support of Community Support Connections here: 


Proof Kitchen + Lounge

Swine & Vine Charcuterie


Or order from one of our other long time supporters: 

The Bruce Craft House

Café Pyrus

Ethel’s Lounge

Ignite Group

Taco Farm 

Sponsor Spotlight: Josslin Insurance!

We are so fortunate to have community members that love to rally behind the clients of Community Support Connections, helping them live happy and healthy in the comfort of their own homes. And that includes our friends over at Josslin Insurance!

Josslin has been supporting Community Support Connections’ clients for years, sponsoring The Mayor’s Souper Sampler at Cambridge City Hall, and, of course, being a Silver Sponsor for Tacofest!

Josslin’s vision is to provide a real, people-focused experience, wanting to make a difference as they assume responsibility to support the communities where they live and work in. Check out their Community Connection page on their website, and you’ll see their active presence in community events across the region, including free skating during the winter months!

Thanks to Josslin Insurance for supporting your neighbours, and your commitment to “protecting you and the ones you love!

Sponsor Spotlight: Heffner Toyota!

After you had let loose and had a phenomenal Friday night at Tacofest, we always wanted you to have a safe ride home. How did we make that happen? Why, through our Transportation Sponsor: Our friends at Heffner Toyota!

Heffner Toyota is a long-time partner with Community Support Connections, supporting their Transportation Program, for which their clients are especially grateful! Without it, they would not be able to attend their critical medical appointments, or be escorted to the grocery store to obtain much-needed groceries!

Heffner Toyota is rooted in family values, and treats every guest and community member as “Part of the Family”. When it comes to that commitment, their deeds speak for themselves: Tacofest is one of over 100 charitable events that Heffner Toyota supports across Waterloo Region!

We’re thankful for the support Heffner Toyota has provided to Tacofest for the past five years, and for their continual dedication to Community Support Connections!

Sponsor Spotlight: Sanderson Management!

At Community Support Connections, the value of independent living underpins each and every one of our services. It is why we empower seniors and adults with different abilities in our community to live with dignity in the comfort of their own homes. It is why we are grateful for partnerships with organizations like Sanderson Management Inc. — ones that understand your dwelling is not just a building, it’s a home!

In operation for over 40 years, Sanderson Management manages a portfolio of condominium and not-for-profit properties, representing 7300 residences across Waterloo region, as well as in Guelph, Breslau, and Paris. Providing expertise in financial, administrative, and operational domains, Sanderson endeavours to provide comprehensive management solutions, respecting the rights of residents while promoting a sense of community.

With Sanderson Management’s commitment to proactive management for the value and welfare of the communities they manage, we’re excited to have their support as a Bronze Sponsor for Tacofest this year, helping Community Support Connections to likewise care for our community at home!

Sponsor Spotlight: Brick and Co.!

Logo for Brick & Co Restorations Ltd

Community Support Connections envisions a community where everyone is at home — valued, connected, and empowered. It’s why we are so grateful for the support of many like-minded organizations within our community, such as our Entertainment Sponsor, Brick and Co. Restorations Ltd.!

Brick and Co. Restorations does incredible work preserving, restoring and protecting properties all throughout Southern Ontario. Through the strength and experience of their dedicated staff, they bring back and maximize the life span of buildings and structures, protecting valuable property. If you have been in Waterloo Region, then you have seen the fruits of their meticulous work without even knowing it!

Brick and Co. Restorations Ltd. is committed to making our community a wonderful place to live, learn, work, and raise a family. They support numerous programs, groups, and organizations throughout the region, and we are so fortunate to have their support of Community Support Connections . Not only do they graciously sponsor Tacofest, but their employees have also volunteered their time in our kitchen, helping provide nutritious, delicious meals to our neighbours right at home. Thank you for all you do!

Sponsor Spotlight: Island Son Canada!

Looking to spice up your cooking palette? You can’t beat the heat of Island Son Canada!

Island Son is not just a hot sauce — it is the life-long dream of its owner, Jeff. When he was a child, his father introduced him to a mysterious, captivating yellow hot sauce on his spaghetti one night. The flavour enthralled him — and he has been chasing after that taste ever since! It took a trip to his father’s homeland of Barbados in 2018 to discover the source, and he’s hit the ground running with it!

Island Son hot sauces mix that Barbadian flavour with a Canadian element, courtesy of super-hot peppers grown by Jeff’s relatives, such as are included in his latest blend: Bajan Tyga!

Jeff is a true hot sauce enthusiast, adding it to nearly every meal he makes. His mission: To bring that intense heat and flavour to your tables, too!

Sponsor Spotlight: Sylvia Pond!


Who’s the shutterbug who captures all the tantalizing tacos, luscious libations, and good times at Tacofest? Why, it’s Sylvia Pond Photography, of course! Sylvia performs a myriad of photography work, including headshots, lifestyle photos, event coverage, and performance photography. We owe a huge thank you to Sylvia for all her splendid snapshots, capably capturing the spirit of what has made Tacofest the region’s coolest event!

Not only is she the lady with the lens, but Sylvia also embarks on culinary quests of her own, recorded right at home! Cheese biscuits! Pickled onions! Focaccia bread! Sausage stew! Check out The Silly Kitchen with Sylvia to see what fun-filled cooking adventure she’s embarking on next!

COVID-19 Event Update

Community Support Connections continues to monitor and assess new developments pertaining to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The health and safety of our clients, volunteers, event attendees, and staff are of paramount importance to us, and we are taking proactive measures to ensure we help mitigate the risks of COVID-19 exposure, and do our part as an organisation to ‘flatten the curve’ of the outbreak.

In light of current developments and health directives, we are saddened to announce that it is no longer reasonable to expect we will be able to host Tacofest, an important fundraising event with hundreds of attendees, this June as scheduled. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and are consulting with all of our amazing vendors, donors, and sponsors in the interest of exploring and developing alternative options.

We have always been thrilled by the overwhelming enthusiasm for Tacofest, the outpouring of support it has generated for Community Support Connections, and the support we have, in turn, be able to provide to our local community’s restaurants and breweries. It is our desire to further support our partners through the duration of this pandemic, and provide a truly phenomenal event for our community when it is safe and reasonable to do so.

During this time, please consider exploring ways you can support our local restaurants and breweries, such as through on-line ordering for pick-ups and deliveries. If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media as we continue to share their most current offerings.

Likewise, we invite you to consider ways you can support Community Support Connections in this time, as we see an increase in seniors turning to us for support. Our current priority is providing nutrition to those who need it to stay healthy and safe in their own homes. You can make a donation to our organization to help get food to local seniors, or volunteer to deliver hot meals or groceries to clients’ doors, with safe, no-contact training provided. Thank-you as we endeavour to care for some of our most vulnerable, high-risk community members.

From all of us at Tacofest, we hope all of you are keeping healthy, safe, and well!