Greetings Tacofesters! The final 20 tickets for Tacofest will go live Monday, May 26th at 12pm. The auction will end Friday at 12pm.

You can find the auction at


Q: How many tickets are you putting up for auction?

A: The last 20 tickets in existence will go up for auction May 26th. There will be five sets of two, and one set of ten. We heard from a lot of people that two just isn’t enough for their group of friends to attend, so the party pack of ten is a great way for you and your friends to attend Tacofest.

Q: So what do these tickets start at?

A: Same as general tickets, $30 each. After that it is up to you to determine their value. Goooooo, you!

Q: Hey Tacofest, I didn’t get tickets, you jerk.

A: Well that is just hurtful, and not really a question. But we can offer an explanation as to why Tacofest only has 400 total tickets.

All of our Taco and Beer vendors donate their time and product to the event. Thats right, 100% of the food and beer is donated. This is super generous of them to feed and water so many people in the name of raising money for charity. The more tickets we sell, the more we ask of each vendor. We want the event to be just as awesome for our vendors as the people coming, so we must find a balance. If we add more people, we must add more vendors. And to add more vendors, you need more room. Which brings us to the second reason, we are out of room. We are at capacity for the venue, and by adding people we would be breaking all sorts of fancy dancey rules meant to keep event attendees safe. We want you to be safe. We love you.

Q: Who can I talk to about things?

A: Feel free to give me a call at 519-772-8787 x224 or email me at if you have any questions about Tacofest or the auction.

Cheers and Happy Bidding,

Matthew Trushinski