We looked everywhere for a taco trophy. Seriously, why doesn’t anyone carry a giant, golden taco that we can mount to a trophy?

After the first year of Tacofest we realized if we wanted things done our way, we would need some DIY. Although we didn’t document the process, our Golden Taco Trophy did make an appearance at last year’s event. If you missed it check it out:

The Golden Taco, awarded to the best taco of the night as judged by our expert panel and sponsors.

This year we had two projects that we wanted to take on. One was to create super awesome beer token. The other was to create two new trophies to join The Golden Taco.

Beer Tokens:

We found some round wooden chips online for pretty cheap. Our original idea was to brand them. That’s right, our first idea was to heat metal until it was blazing hot and press it into 4,000 wooden chips. Enter Ben, our good friend from Kwartzlab, a makerspace in Kitchener. They describe themselves better than we could:

A hackerspace is a physical location where like-minded people get together in a cooperative environment to pool their knowledge, experience, and physical resources with a goal to bringing into reality the projects about which they’ve been dreaming.

Ben suggested instead of using dangerous scalding metal we could use stamps. He offered to 3d print the handles and laser cut the tops. Check out the amazing pics that take our tokens from blank and boring to sexy and stamped.

2014-06-22 16.33.44 2014-06-22 16.48.34 2014-06-22 19.42.46 IMG_1849


New Trophies

This year we are adding two new trophies to the Tacofest lineup. The Vegetarian Victor, awarded by the people of Tacofest to whoever has the best vegetarian taco and The People’s Taco, awarded to the taco most voted by the people of Tacofest as their favourite.

We enlisted the help of  Mike from Black Walnut Carpentry & Design to make the bases. If you need a deck, fence or any woodworking project done, this guy is the man.

IMG_1840 IMG_1842 IMG_1847

You will have to wait until Tacofest to see the final products, and who gets to take them home! Can you guess trophy one is which?

See you soon Tacofesters!