Without our vendors, Tacofest would be missing two crucial ingredients. Every year, they donate all of the food and drink at our annual fiesta.

Waterloo Region: we want you to help us thank them! Leading up to the big event, we’ll profile our vendors one by one. So next time you are looking for a great mean or local brew, you know where to turn.

Alright kids, gather around. Today, we are going to learn a new word!

Can anyone tell me what a ferroequinologist is?

No, they don’t deal in feral cats or fernet-branca based cocktails. It’s someone who studies trains. And in Ontario, there is no better place to be a ferroequinologist than the city of St. Thomas, home to the North America Railway Hall of Fame and a city rich with its own rail history.

Tipping its cap to the local history, the crew at Railway City Brewing Co. specializes in award winning, small-batch, hand-crafted beers. A three-time gold medalist at the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards, they clearly know what they are doing. This year, they took home the top honours in the categories of best Belgian Style Quad, Stout and Witbier, but really, everything they make is outstanding. That’s one of the big reasons we are happy to announce today that Railway City Brewing Co. will be at Tacofest 2017. Thanks so much for supporting the clients of Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More!