Without our vendors, Tacofest would be missing two crucial ingredients. Every year, they donate all of the food and drink at our annual fiesta.

Waterloo Region: we want you to help us thank them! Leading up to the big event, we’ll profile our vendors one by one. So next time you are looking for a great mean or local brew, you know where to turn.

This next competitor is obsessed. And given how deliciously fresh their menu is, we don’t blame them.

Borealis Grille and Bar serves up the very best locally crafted foods and beverages to the Kitchener and Guelph communities. They bring us the “Taste of Ontario” by partnering with farmers, breweries, and wineries. So you’re not just eating a tasty meal, you’re also supporting local craftsmanship and our local environment.

We’re pleased to have Borealis bring the “Taste of Ontario” to our event! Welcome to the competition and thanks for your support of Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More.