Without our vendors, Tacofest would be missing two crucial ingredients. Every year, they donate all of the food and drink at our annual fiesta.

Waterloo Region: we want you to help us thank them! Leading up to the big event, we’ll profile our vendors one by one. So next time you are looking for a great mean or local brew, you know where to turn.

While others were spending the year worrying about the ever-present threat from “Big Brother” in 1984, Waterloo welcomed a new brewery to the city, which changed the landscape of the local scene forever. Since its inception, Brick Brewing Company has been a dominant force in the craft industry and is only growing stronger.

Having recently moved to Kitchener, they have been working on expanding their operations. The oversized cans/brewing vessels, which were once so iconic in their King Street location have been replaced with a new base of operations  far from the city’s core, but that doesn’t mean quality has taken a hit. On the contrary, their beer is as tasty as ever.

Brick Brewing Company is simply put a pillar of industry within the Waterloo region and we are honoured to have them supporting the clients of Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More by joining us at Tacofest 2017.