Looking to spice up your cooking palette? You can’t beat the heat of Island Son Canada!

Island Son is not just a hot sauce — it is the life-long dream of its owner, Jeff. When he was a child, his father introduced him to a mysterious, captivating yellow hot sauce on his spaghetti one night. The flavour enthralled him — and he has been chasing after that taste ever since! It took a trip to his father’s homeland of Barbados in 2018 to discover the source, and he’s hit the ground running with it!

Island Son hot sauces mix that Barbadian flavour with a Canadian element, courtesy of super-hot peppers grown by Jeff’s relatives, such as are included in his latest blend: Bajan Tyga!

Jeff is a true hot sauce enthusiast, adding it to nearly every meal he makes. His mission: To bring that intense heat and flavour to your tables, too!