Hey Tacofesters! We know you’re as disappointed as we are that we are unable to have our traditional Tacofest festivities as scheduled Friday June 12th, but guess who else was sad about it? Our vendors! So many of them have worked with us over the last few weeks to try and put together a number of different options to help use raise funds for our clients, while supporting these awesome local businesses at the same time. (No offense everyone, but special shout out to Nick at Taco Farm for taking a million of our calls to spitball.) 

At the end of the day, with restrictions on charitable events for the time being, a few of our friends are putting out some Tacofest specials of their own with a portion of their proceeds going to support local seniors served by Community Support Connections 

This means you can order some takeout, grab some brews or ciders from one of our local establishments, and have your own Tacofest at home the weekend of June 12 and 13th. We have vendors below who are donating a portion of their sales to support local seniors, but please feel free to choose any of our past supporters – you can always make a donation online to invest in our local Meals on Wheels program. 

Pay special attention as we highlight our friends this week on our social media channels with brewery tours, restaurant features, and other fun stuff. 

This pandemic and recent events have shown us how strong this community is, and what we can accomplish together. 

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Here’s to tacos, craft beer, and good times. 


Get your Tacofest specials in support of Community Support Connections here: 


Proof Kitchen + Lounge

Swine & Vine Charcuterie


Or order from one of our other long time supporters: 

The Bruce Craft House

Café Pyrus

Ethel’s Lounge

Ignite Group

Taco Farm