In Tacofests past, Heffner Toyota has stood by our side to ensure that you, lovely Tacofesters, always have a safe ride home after a phenomenal night of fiesta-feasting. While this year Tacofest may be virtual, Heffner Toyota still intends to be a driving force of the event: As our Virtual Platform Sponsor!

Thanks to them you’ll be able to party with the whole crowd, experience more intimate interactions with your favourite vendors, and stay connected to your friends in attendance, all from the comfort of your separate homes.

A long-time partner of Community Support Connections, Heffner Toyota is a supporter of their Transportation and Grocery Shopping services. In the pandemic, that means helping the agency’s clients get to critical medical appointments (including vaccinations!), and providing pick-up and delivery of groceries… over $148,000 worth in the last year alone!

Heffner Toyota believes in treating their guests as “Part of the Family,” and that extends to their commitment to supporting a vast array of local charitable organisations. Hats off to them for more than a decade of supporting Community Support Connections through Tacofest and other events!