He’s the Donkey with a Plan. He has a fistful of hot sauce, and a nose to the ground on all things Taco-related. You know him, and possibly even love him. He is Guacamule, and he is here to give you a handy guide on how you can ensure you are living your best virtual Tacofest life this year! Here’s what you need to know before tickets drop at noon on Wednesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo):

1) Review and compare the Taco menus being offered by participating restaurants on tacofest.ca! Be sure you know which restaurant and brewery pairing you want to order your Tacofest at Home Kit for two from. Note that you can select a vegetarian or meat option when you purchase your tickets!

2) Order up! Get your clicking finger ready for noon on Wednesday, May 05th, head to Tacofest.ca, and follow the posted link to the EventBrite ticket-ordering page! When you order your tickets, you will be selecting the restaurant you are ordering from, and which option from them.

3) Add a little extra flavour! While you’re placing your order, you have the option to add an exclusive Tacofest facemask, as well as the opportunity to make a donation towards Community Support Connections, which helps local older adults and people with different abilities to live in their own homes.

4) Save your ticket receipt! Your tickets will be emailed to you from Eventbrite, and you will need this to redeem your Tacofest at Home kit at the restaurant you ordered from on Friday June 18th. Your link to the virtual event will then be e-mailed to you closer to the event date.

5) Stay Tuned! While you count down the days until Tacofest commences, our blog and social channels will share more valuable info about how the event works so you can maximize your fun on June 18th.

6) Pick ‘em up! On June 18th, head to the restaurant you ordered your Tacofest at Home kit from. Redeem your ticket in exchange for your tasty tacos, hand selected brews, collectable glasses, and other goodies!

7) Curtain, lights! Use the login link we will email to you in June to access the virtual event, which begins at 6:00pm that evening!

8) Soak it up! Our main stage will include lots of great items, but you will also be able to visit more intimate rooms with your vendors of choice, watch brewery tours, watch a foodie photography how-to from Sylvia Pond, enjoy virtual exhibitions from THEMUSEUM, create chat groups and meeting rooms with your Tacofest besties, and more!