A Totally Taco-Licious Evening!

It happened. It was live. We had a ball! #tacofest2021 went virtual, and what a virtual event it was! We have the messy, taco-stained shirts to prove it, no matter which pairing you ordered! We loved hearing straight from our Restauranteurs (Taco Farm, Proof Kitchen, The Bruce, Bingemans@Home, and Graffiti) and Brewers (Short Finger, Wellington, […]

Sponsor Spotlight: The Beat and Dave Rocks!

  In this heat, you should catch some waves. Radio waves, that is – from 91.5 The Beat and 107.5 Dave Rocks! These stations have been long-time supporters of Community Support Connections, and they’re back at it as Media Sponsors for Tacofest 2021! But it gets better, so listen up: On June 18, your Virtual […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Amintro!

If there is anything this past year has taught us, it is that we can all stand to be a little social – we need that in our lives! For those 50+, there is a platform to help you do just that: Amintro! Amintro recognizes that, ‘regardless of our age or civil status, we all […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Bre Creative!

  “You’ll find I’m full of surprises.” – Guacamule, probably Want to know what is full of surprises? Your Tacofest at Home Kit for two (that you should order if you haven’t yet)! Among them are some special Tacofest 2021 props, courtesy of our In-Kind Sponsor, Bre Creative! Specialising in art and entertainment (like balloon […]

Sponsor Spotlight: My IT Guy!

Do you remember the days before the Interwebs, when all event hype had to be generated strictly from posters and word-of-mouth? Yeah, weird times. Fortunately, we are not living in that age, and instead have our own snazzy Tacofest web zone right up in here, up and running courtesy of My IT Guy! Community Support […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Josslin Insurance!

Josslin Insurance is committed to protecting you and the ones you love – it’s no wonder that they are a huge supporter of the community! Josslin has been involved a wide array of events and activities over the years, from setting up free community skating around the region, to sponsoring Community Support Connections’ Mayor’s Souper […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Ginger Goat Hot Sauce!

Turn up the heat on your Tacofest at Home kits for two! Fun fact: When you go to order your Tacofest at Home kits today, you can add a bottle of hot sauce from Ginger Goat with 100% of the proceeds from the first hundred bottles going to Community Support Connections! Cheers to their support […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Island Son!

Island Son joins us for the second year in a row to support Community Support Connections’ mission of helping people live with independence and dignity in their own homes. Island Son’s mission is to bring a unique, intense flavour and heat to your meals through their Bajan Tyga hot sauce, inspired by the father of […]

Guacamule’s Guide to Virtual Tacofest

  He’s the Donkey with a Plan. He has a fistful of hot sauce, and a nose to the ground on all things Taco-related. You know him, and possibly even love him. He is Guacamule, and he is here to give you a handy guide on how you can ensure you are living your best […]

Sponsor Spotlight: THEMUSEUM!

THEMUSEUM has been part-and-parcel with what makes Tacofest such a special event: What better venue to capture and feed into the fun and energy of the occasion? And while this year, Tacofest has shifted to a virtual platform, that does not mean we are leaving THEMUSEUM behind. No – we’re bringing them right along with […]